Why is the US Failing in Education?

The United States has a persistent problem of failing to prepare students for college. The vast majority of students are not prepared for college and graduate school. These students are disadvantaged, and they are not reaching their potential. The result is that fewer students from lower-income worldnewshunt families achieve at the highest levels. Lower-income students often drop out of the high-achieving group in elementary school and rarely rise to the top of the high school achievement scale. This disproportionately lowers the number of students who graduate from college and go on to attend graduate school.

The US government amazinginfo has responded to this crisis by implementing an aggressive reform plan called Race to the Top. Similar to NCLB, this plan assumes that higher test scores indicate a better education. However, in many cases, aggressive test-preparation activities raise scores without improving student knowledge. These policies, coupled with the use of thewebgross government money to subsidize charter schools, often blame teachers for the failure of their students xotic news.

Despite federal efforts to improve academic achievement, poverty remains a major issue. Children in poverty are more likely to miss schoo and have less parental support at home. Families are the most important educators in a child’s life. In fact, the most consistent magazineweb360 predictor of test scores is family income. Children in economically stable homes tend to come to school ready to learn oyepandeyji.

In the early 1990s, the federal government began to step in and change education policy. The No Child Left Behind law made sure that all children would be tested annually. As a result, the government began to focus on implementing more rigorous tests and forcing schools to improve. The law was designed to encourage schools and teachers to improve, and to raise test scores rapidly aditianovit.

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